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Hi, I am John. I am a blogger who loves off-roading. I love to write about the best trails and destinations for off-road enthusiasts in America and worldwide. I created this blog to help spread the word about this incredible lifestyle. I also enjoy telling stories about my adventures and sharing information about this great hobby.

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  • bypass the atv module

    How To Bypass Cdi Box On An ATV/UTV

    There are few things more frustrating than trying to start your ATV/UTV only to have it fail to do so. The culprit may be a defective Cdi ignition box. A capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) box is an electronic component that provides the spark needed to start your engine. In this Article, we Discuss various methods […]

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  • powder coating motorcycle parts

    Powder Coating ATV Frames and How it Makes the Best Choice for All-Terrain Vehicles

    What is Powder Coating, Anyway? Powder coating is a finish used on metal, plastics, and wood. Powder coating is commonly used for industrial applications where corrosion protection and abrasion resistance are required. The process involves using a high-voltage charge to create a positive electrostatic charge on the powder particles. Once the powder has been charged, […]

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  • blown atv engine

    Does ATV Insurance Cover Blown Engine

    An ATV insurance policy will cover the repair or replacement costs of an ATV damaged in an accident. Some ATV insurance policies also cover damage to the engine due to failure or mechanical breakdown. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about ATV insurance and how it can help you if […]

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