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There are few things more frustrating than trying to start your ATV/UTV only to have it fail to do so. The culprit may be a defective Cdi ignition box.

A capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) box is an electronic component that provides the spark needed to start your engine. In this Article, we Discuss various methods of Bypassing your Cdi Module and getting you back on the trail.

What Is The CDI Box For ATV?

CDIs have two functions: They act as a switch that turns on the starter circuit and they generate the spark that ignites the fuel mixture.

Without a functioning CDI box, the ATV/UTV won’t start. If your ATV/UTV doesn’t start, you’ll need to get it checked out.

How Do I Know If The CDI Is On Its Way Out

A bad CDI unit can lead to ignition problems, hard starting, etc. If the CDI box doesn’t work correctly, the engine may not start. A bad CDI unit can also cause a misfire condition or loss of power.

Wrong ATV CDI boxes are not just a problem for older Quads; they also occur in newer ATVs. Faulty CDI boxes can be due to corrosion, age, or even moisture.

Is It Possible To Bypass The ATV CDI Module, And How Can It Be Done?

The ATV CDI Module is a part of the ignition system that keeps the spark plug firing. There is a way to turn off the power to it.

The process will require removing a capacitor from inside the module and connecting two wires, which should then disable power flow to the module.

This section will discuss how to bypass the CDI module in an ATV and what the consequences are.

Disconnect the CDI box

The steps to bypass the ATV CDI unit are as follows:

  • Disconnect the CDI box from the ATV by unplugging it.
  • Locate and remove the CDI box fuse.
  • Locate a grounded wire and attach one end of a jumper wire to it, then attach the other end of the jumper wire to good ground.
  • Reconnect the CDI unit to the ATV and replace its fuse.

Keep Your Work Station Clean And Organised

Cleaning your workstation bench is necessary before starting. Make sure that the bench is entirely free of flammable materials. Finally, remove loose clothing or jewelry to prevent them from getting caught in any moving parts.

It’s Time To Remove CDI Module

The CDI module is a critical part of the Quad and should not be removed unless necessary. You may not be able to remove the CDI module without damaging it. Disconnect the spark plug wire, then follow the step-by-step manual which came with your ATV.

1. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the CDI module, then remove the back panel and engine cover.

2. Remove bolts holding the CDI module in place with a 4mm Allen wrench; remove the module from the engine.

3. Use 2-part epoxy or silicone sealant to attach the new CDI module to the engine block,

Testing The Resistance Specifications

The resistance of an electromagnetic coil is measured in Ohms. If the resistance is too high, the coil has been damaged and should be replaced.

When you measure a coil’s resistance, it is vital to use a multimeter. This will tell you if any problems are referencing your owner’s manual and can help you identify if the coil has become damaged.

Measuring Primary Coil Resistance

The primary coil resistance is the most common parameter to measure.

The module is designed to be used with a CDI ignition coil system, and it has three electrical contacts that are either internal or external. There are two primary coil resistances: one for CDI ignition systems and one for other ignition systems.

Measuring the primary coil resistance is a way to determine if the coil is shorted or open.

Testing the secondary coil resistance

Measure the resistance of the secondary winding using a meter. Record the reading. If the secondary coil resistance is not within specifications, replace the CDI unit.

How much does a CDI box cost?

It is not difficult to find CDI boxes for sale online, but there is still some variation in price depending on the make and model of YOUR Quad.

Depending on your ATV’s brand, features, and make or model, a CDI box can cost anywhere from $30 to over $900.

Can I Swap Out One Cdi For Another?

CDI boxes are matched to a specific engine and cannot be swapped out.

The CDI must be matched to the engine. The CDI box is not interchangeable, so it will not work correctly if the wrong one is selected.

Drawbacks of an ATV CDI Box

The spark plug is the most critical part of the engine. It is responsible for igniting the fuel in the cylinder and ensuring that it burns efficiently. The spark plugs are housed in the engine head, and they have a long wire that connects them to an external power source.

The ATV CDI box has a spark lead responsible for providing a high voltage to ignite fuel in the cylinder. These boxes have a 0.1-0.3 ms of spark lead time, which can cause ignition failure during lean mixture operation because of fast capacitive discharge.

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