Proper Lighting in a House

light room window view

Each room in the house, in addition to a purely utilitarian one, has a decorative function. How to avoid mistakes in the selection of lighting devices at home. Expert advice.

Light in the living room

Even if you use local lighting, it is necessary to provide a sufficient level of background light. It should help to avoid deep shadows in the far corners. Emphasize a decorative niche, painting, shelves with souvenirs brought from wanderings, noble dishes. The curtains highlighted around the perimeter will look spectacular.

The task of lighting the living room is to present the house in the most advantageous and ceremonial form.

Use directional lights, spotlights, backlights with small tube lamps. Choosing lampshades and diffusers for the living room, it is worth giving preference to those in which lamps or tubes are not visible.

Dining room light

Very often, the dining room is combined with the living room or kitchen. The main thing here is to illuminate the table is not too bright, but not very dim. You will need either a height-adjustable lamp or precisely directed ceiling lights. Background lighting is better off. The buffet or the place where dishes are served can be additionally illuminated with a sconce, sources of rising light or directional ceiling lights.

Light in the kitchen

Kitchen lighting is predominantly functional. The background light is desirable, but the main thing is to illuminate the main workplaces: a stove, a sink, and a cutting table. It is also convenient to place the lamps inside the cabinets. For this, flexible sources that are independently adjustable are suitable. If the stove is equipped with an extractor fan, then the backlight is usually mounted in it. If there is no hood, directional ceiling lights can be used. Be sure to take care to avoid sharp shadows.

To illuminate the planes under the hanging cabinets or shelves, it is best to install the strip lights on the wall directly under these cabinets. It is wise to illuminate the built-in wardrobes and open shelves with bulbs recessed into the ceiling, and in the floor wardrobes, small lamps can be placed that automatically turn on when the doors are opened. If the kitchen has a dining area, the table needs to be lit, as in the dining room. In this case, the background lighting is better to damp.

Bedroom lighting

One of the most suitable rooms for playing with halftones. Background light – dim, created using sconces, bedside lamps, floor lamps or illuminated cornices. A bright but not blinding light source is needed at the dressing table. But you need a good source of overhead light – for inspecting clothes and linen.

In the bedroom, it is better to have two walk-through switches, one of which is located next to the bed, and the other at the door.
It is important to arrange the reading lamps in bed so that they illuminate only book pages and not the sweetly sleeping spouse. The design of fixtures can be very diverse – from lampshades with ruffles to the most unexpected modern forms. If only they all looked good not only from the bed but also from anywhere else in the room.

Light in the nursery

Children’s lighting is a special topic. The kid needs a bright, but not sharp, background light for playing, a night lamp for a comfortable sleep, and a separate lamp for changing diapers, changing clothes and a night toilet. An older child needs workplace lighting. Needs for light in adolescents are incredibly broad. In addition to background lighting and desk lighting, the soul of a young person may require a wide variety of lighting effects, ranging from a projector lamp to a strobe light.

Light in the bathroom

Of moderate brightness, background lighting can be generated by both the top and several side sources. The mirror above the sink must also be highlighted. A simple fluorescent tube is sufficient for shaving or washing. But if the mirror is used for applying makeup, it is better to use incandescent lamps that do not distort colors.

All fixtures in the bathroom must be tight, protected from splashes. Portable lamps and outdoor fittings are excluded. It is good to provide vertical shadowless lighting in the bathtub and shower. The switches should be installed externally to prevent wet hands from touching them. All internal switches must also be protected against moisture.

Hall and staircase lighting

Here, a set of lighting fixtures is designed to uniformly illuminate the space for your safety. It is better to direct the upper light to the steps so that the risers remain in the shade, and the treads, on the contrary, stand out brightly. For safe movement at night, spotlights built into the walls at the level of steps or in the steps themselves are perfect. If the house has small children, such lighting is simply necessary.