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are quads safer than dirt bikes

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Many people love extreme sports because of the adrenaline rush they provide. Safety always seems a big concern for both professional and leisure riders, from dirt bikes to ATVs. Since ATVs have four wheels, you may think they are safer than their two-wheeled counterpart, the dirt bike.

However, you can quickly determine the truth by looking at the numbers. Are dirt bikes safer than ATVs? The fact is that they are not.

Is An ATV Better Than A Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes differ significantly from ATVs in terms of design and use. However, they also have many similarities. For instance, these two are the perfect off-road vehicles. If you want to go riding off-road to a place where roads are poor, you can either use a dirt bike or an ATV to get there.

An ATV can be more stable or sturdier when riding on even ground because it stands on four wheels. The benefit of this is that you do not need to constantly balance on two wheels while trying to maneuver through rough terrain. Unfortunately, ATVs can roll over quite easily.

ATVs Can Cause More Serious Harm

Since they weigh much more than dirt bikes, ATVs can cause severe injuries if they fall over the rider. If a rider loses control, the ATV they are riding can cause serious harm to bystanders and other road users due to their heavyweight compared to dirt bikes.

It is important to note that dirt bikes tend to be light in weight, so they cannot cause severe injuries to bystanders.

In terms of pricing, dirt bikes are cheaper than ATVs. They are also much easier to carry around on automobiles and consume less fuel. The answer to whether ATVs are better than dirt bikes depends on the user or what you plan to do with them.

ATV vs. Dirt Bike Deaths

In recent years, dirt bike and ATV accidents have reduced considerably.

It is also worth noting that the severity of injuries sustained in dirt bike and ATV accidents has also reduced considerably due to the enactment and enforcement of strict laws governing the use of ATVs and dirt bikes. However, there are still some fatalities.

Which Is Safer Between An ATV And Dirt Bike?

When answering the question, you must look at the accident and death statistics. Between 2001 and 2004, over half a million accidents involving dirt bikes were recorded.

Around 75% of these accidents led to hospitalization. It is shocking that in 2003, approximately 250 deaths were reported among teenagers riding dirt bikes.

Fortunately, dirt bike accident statistics have been on a decline since 2017 due to strict laws. When it comes to ATV accidents and deaths, Kentucky, West Virginia, California, Texas, and Florida have the highest figures, both cumulative and annual deaths.

Between 2015-2017, a total of 97, 58, 63, and 62 deaths were reported in West Virginia, Texas, Kentucky, and California, respectively.

In summary, there are fewer accidents involving ATVs compared to dirt bikes, but ATV accidents are usually more severe than dirt bike accidents. That’s why ATV accidents are generally associated with more fatalities.

Death Associated With ATVs by State

Dirt Bike Deaths Per Year

There is no doubt that many dirt bike accidents occur every year, and many others are usually unreported because they are minor. Between 2001 to 2004, there were over 500,000 reported dirt bike accidents.

Half of all dirt bike accidents usually lead to hospital admission. Interestingly, nearly half of off-road dirt bike riding accidents are drinking and riding. People go dirt bike riding for fun, have some drinks, and continue riding to their detriment.

Failure to put on a helmet is usually to blame for serious dirt bike injuries.

Is ATVs Safe?

The simple answer is yes. ATVs are off-road vehicles sturdier than dirt bikes because they stand on four wheels, so there is no need to balance while riding. Additionally, they have a longer season since snow tires can be installed during the winter.

While statistics show that ATVs are associated with more fatalities than dirt bikes, they also show that many ATV accidents reported every year are much fewer than dirt bike accidents.

That said, ATVs can be made safer in many ways. First and foremost, riders should put on suitable clothing and protective gear. Secondly, speeding should be discouraged. Thirdly, riders should avoid drinking while riding. Underage licensed riders should always be in the company of adults when riding.

Nobody should ride an ATV off-road without some experience. Proper training and licensing of riders to use ATVs should be encouraged. Only individuals with a valid ATV riding permit or license should operate ATVs.

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