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    • bypass the atv module

      How To Bypass Cdi Box On An ATV/UTV

      There are few things more frustrating than trying to start your ATV/UTV only to have it fail to do so. The culprit may be a defective Cdi ignition box. A capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) box is an electronic component that provides the spark needed to start your engine. In this Article, we Discuss various methods […]

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    • powder coating motorcycle parts

      Powder Coating ATV Frames and How it Makes the Best Choice for All-Terrain Vehicles

      What is Powder Coating, Anyway? Powder coating is a finish used on metal, plastics, and wood. Powder coating is commonly used for industrial applications where corrosion protection and abrasion resistance are required. The process involves using a high-voltage charge to create a positive electrostatic charge on the powder particles. Once the powder has been charged, […]

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